E-mail & sms campaigns

We mount e-mail and SMS campaigns on your behalf, which is a fast and cost-effective means of reaching large groups of current and potential clients.


E-mail campaigns, which involve sending e-mails to a freely selectable group of people or companies, represent a quick way to present your offer to a large audience:

  • The goal of an e-mail campaign is:
  • To present the offer
  • To acquire the contact data of potential clients [see: lead generation]
  • To invite your audience to events
  • To advertise

E-mail campaigns help you to reach new clients and to strengthen relationships with existing ones.

We propose the following plan of action for e-mail campaigns:

  • We prepare an e-mail advertising creation or work from your materials
  • We can create a landing page dedicated to your campaign
  • We assist in selecting the lists for the campaign and either supply external lists or work with your list
  • We send out e-mails to recipients on a list compiled from the database
  • We provide you with a campaign report that includes the details of recipients who have expressed an interest in the offer

SMS campaigns offer a straightforward and highly effective means of delivering your up-to-date offer to clients. In the majority of cases, a decision to use SMS in this way is aimed at supporting other marketing activities that form part of a given campaign. The major advantages of SMS despatch are speed, comparatively low cost and the vast and up-to-date lists of potential clients that are available.
Our SMS campaigns offer the following:

  • Selection of the list that best matches your goals and requirements
  • Sending SMSs to numbers from the list
  • Compiling and sending you a report summarising the scope and effectiveness of the campaign

Further information is available by telephone or by completing the request form in the Contact section.


E-mail marketing campaign is an effective means of brand promotion, maintaining contact with a client and a form of encouragement to use services or purchase products offered by a given company. E-mail marketing includes the creation, development and management of e-mail address databases, content creation, sending newsletters and handling feedback in order to tailor offers to consumers’ needs. To make all of the above effective, it is useful to pay attention to several key points.

Obtaining consumer’s permission to receive communications is the fundamental element of e-mail campaigns, otherwise our offer becomes spam and lands in the trash folder. While creating e-mail messages, it is worth ensuring that the language we use is accurate and clear so that the addressee can understand the message’s content and meaning. Simple language should be the priority while technical jargon and unnecessary details should be avoided. An essential element of effective e-mail marketing is its original and unique content. It is worth making sure that the content encourages users to read and click the attached link to receive more information. Therefore, it is not only important to use the appropriate language, but also the appropriate graphic design. If you want your offer to stand out from competitors, use Directan services. Knowledge and experience we have gathered in working with leading brands over the years enables us to create successful strategies for e-mail marketing campaigns which bring measurable results!

We encourage you to run a telemarketing campaign based on the acquired leads to strengthen your message.