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We organise and conduct telemarketing campaigns designed to reach both individual and business clients. We use lists supplied by the client for telemarketing or can provide you with external lists for this purpose as an alternative.

The goals you can achieve by commissioning us to manage your telemarketing campaign:

  • Sales of products and services
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Data acquisition
  • Supplementing your own databases
  • Market research (CATI)
  • Helplines
  • Validation of Internet leads
  • International telemarketing

We take an individual approach to each telemarketing campaign, taking into account your requirements and goals. We draw on our experience to give advice and recommend the best solutions.

  • Increase in sales
  • Promotion for a company, for goods or for services
  • Rapid acquisition of new clients
  • Updated content for your list
  • Strengthened relationships with existing clients
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Analysis of the sector, the competition and of brand recognition
  • Reaching clients at low-cost
  • Advice, commitment and dedication while organising and running campaigns
  • Preparation and running of telemarketing campaigns
  • Writing of call scripts
  • High quality conversations
  • Recording of conversations
  • Short campaign-completion times
  • Reports on the activities carried out
  • Attractive price


First of all, a good telemarketer has to be effective! However, there are several other qualities which we always take into account when we select suitable specialists. Telemarketing is still a very popular communication channel and many of our clients are eager to use it. Our telemarketing initiatives are highly effective due to the fact that we hire people with the best qualifications for this position.

Directan telemarketers listen closely to their interlocutors, flawlessly recognize their needs, know how to strike up a pleasant conversation and apply solutions which are tailored to the client’s needs. Our telemarketers are patient, collected and have impeccable manners suitable for an effective conversation. They have a pleasant voice, great diction and speak at a sufficient pace to ensure their interlocutors understand the subject fully. They are capable of using the language of benefits to communicate the advantages of the offer clearly and successfully.

A good telemarketer should have a great intuition to sense the client’s needs and taste. Since Directan telmarketers have the above mentioned characteristics they are able to make quick and effective contact with the client. Our initiatives provide opportunities to achieve the assumed objectives fast.

Further information is available by telephone or by completing the request form in the Contact section.


A publishing company trading in multimedia products that had decided to intensify its telephone-sales activities as part of expanding its offer. The client selected the external call-centre option for reasons of organisational structure.


The target recipients for our client’s products were identified as companies from the B2B base – primarily schools and other educational institutions.


We established with the client that the planned telemarketing campaign would cover the whole country. We placed particular emphasis on those Provinces with healthy economic growth and a developing ICT infrastructure. The expected campaign outcomes were:

  • Increased sales of online educational programs
  • Acquisition of a database of potential clients, including people in decision-making posts
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Establishing relationships with clients

We began the campaign by obtaining the best list of companies with the potential to become users of our client’s products. We then proceeded to write a phone script, which had to serve two fundamental functions:

  • To ensure that the telemarketers were speaking with those responsible for taking decisions to purchase online educational software
  • To present the offer briefly and succinctly and to sell the product

We organised training for the telemarketers to be certain of the highest quality conversations. With assistance from the client we also prepared informational material so that the explanations given to interested people would be credible and precise. As the campaign was to run for a period of several months we also developed a system for on-the-fly reporting so that the client knew how it was progressing and the effect it was having on sales.


Our client benefitted from the campaign in the following ways:

  • Increased sales of the products included in the campaign
  • A list of direct contacts to decision makers at educational companies and in schools
  • The opportunity to present the complete product offer
  • Significantly enhanced brand recognition
  • Strengthening or establishment of relationships with clients