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A few words about us and what we do.

We are a team of direct marketing specialists. Since 2002 we have been assisting our clients to achieve their goals. We monitor the trends that matter now and sweat the intricate details of technological advances to keep our solutions fresh and attractive.

The numerous marketing campaigns we have mounted have delivered measurable benefits to our clients. It is our clients’ success that has been decisive in building our reputation on the market as a reliable company for whom the client’s satisfaction is the foremost value. Our most frequent projects involve telemarketing campaigns, database rental and Internet initiatives targeted at both the consumer and business segments.

Our agency

We are a group of marketing aficionados and each new project  presents a new challenge to us and gives us a lot of satisfaction. We support our clients’ progress towards marketing targets with adequate marketing activities. We understand that contemporary, effective marketing is indispensable for managing a company if we care about acquiring new clients and customers of products or services. That’s why we assist our clients in appropriate promotion of producers and providers through direct marketing activities. Since we take an individual approach to every client we can offer the most effective marketing methods which guarantee the right effects.

We have considerable experience in promotional and advertising activities, for both small and big companies. The campaigns we have run generated new consumers interested in the advertised products or services. Joint success which brings profits is of paramount importance to us.

We offer comprehensive service to any company. We run telemarketing projects, database rental and online activities targeted at both consumer and business segments. We suggest taking individual steps adjusted to the special character of a given industry and a client’s expectations.

Running a marketing campaign is a responsibility which requires appropriate preparation. Only comprehensible and effective cooperation between the agency and a client guarantee the success of our activities.

The benefits of direct marketing

Direct marketing brings potentially the highest benefits possible because it reaches consumers directly and enables us to access and measure their reactions. It also provides opportunities to create a positive image of a company.

We make an all-out effort to meet your expectations and offer customized solutions. We kindly invite you to contact us.


Our Projects

We kindly invite you to see some of our projects. For each project, we provide premium-quality services and the best communication with the client.


Years of experience
Satisfied customers

More about us

Who we are

The Directan marketing agency offers a combination of premium quality and reliability. We have considerable experience in advertising activities which provide the most effective promotion of products and services. Our offer focuses mostly on direct marketing as it currently constitutes the best way to reach potential consumers and customers.

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Why we

We offer the following direct marketing components:

  • Telemarketing (in the country and abroad)
  • Lead Campaigns
  • E-mail and SMS campaigns
  • development and implementation of sales and marketing projects
  • conducting market research and client satisfaction research
  • development and implementation of advertisment in the media such as the Internet, the radio, press or TV



Cooperate with us


Directan Sp. z o.o.
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62-002 Suchy Las


+48 509 753 976

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We look forward to cooperation with all who want to follow market trends and appreciate reliability.

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