HLR is an innovative service which allows you to easily and quickly acquire a lot of information on your clients’ mobile phones (existing and prospective). The information is updated and presented in the form of an Excel report. This service can also be integrated with call center systems.

Currently we provide full HLR services in over 30 countries.

HLR service provides the following information:

  • if a number is active and available
  • if a number was ported to another network operator and if yes, which operator it was
  • a number’s home network
  • if a user is currently abroad
HLR means measurable benefits

Saving money!

A report will indicate deactivated numbers. You can delete them form your database and therefore avoid the costs connected with sending text messages to invalid numbers.

Saving time!

Thanks to getting rid of deactivated numebrs you can limit the time spent onmarketing campaign.

Knowledge about the potential client.

You can establish if the client’s number has been transferred to a new operator and what the primary network operator was.

And all that with very little costs included.

Our clients’ satisfaction and gratification is our main goal, therefore every offer is adjusted to individual needs in order to meet all the expectations.

Respect towards potential clients.

HLR is an excellent tool which, thanks to enabling verification if the given number is using roaming, gives us information if the subscriber is currently being on holiday. You can use your discretion while making decisions about sending messages to such a person.