Are you looking for precise and active data sets? Would you like to test consumer and business databases tailored to your expectations? Would you like to reach a wider audience with your products or services?

Take advantage of our secure and verified database! Directan offers database access with broad selection criteria and a precise selection of target groups. Our long-standing presence on the market and experience of cooperating with leading brands allows us to provide appropriate databases tailored to your needs.

We offer a broad choice of Polish and international consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) databases. We have substantial experience in database rental and sale. We operate in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Our offer includes:
  • Assistance in making a refined, ‘made to measure’ database choice
  • Database rental and sale
Alongside the databases we also offer you:
  • Conducting and organising telemarketing, lead, e-mail and SMS campaigns
  • Despatch: addressed or non-addressed


Investment in professional databases will grant you access to a massive number of personalized consumer and business bases which will facilitate reaching a chosen target group. We advise our clients on the selection of bases most suitable for their business activity, as well as of the target group.

We provide full security of the data and guarantee legal acquisition of the data in accordance with all existing legal regulations.


  • dane adresowe – 22 mln
  • telefony komórkowe 6 mln
  • telefony stacjonarne – 9 mln
  • adresy e-mail – 5 mln
  • miejsce zamieszkania
  • kobiety, mężczyźni wiek
  • liczba dzieci i ich wiek
  • wykształcenie, zawód, stanowisko
  • status majątkowy
  • dochody gospodarstwa domowego
  • preferencje zakupowe
  • posiadanie samochodu, wiek samochodu
  • sposób spędzania wolnego czasu, wakacje, miejsce wypoczynku
  • posiadanie / planowanie zakupu ubezpieczenia
  • posiadanie / planowanie zakupu telewizji cyfrowej
  • rolnicy indywidualni


  • dane adresowe – 15 mln
  • telefony komórkowe 3 mln
  • telefony stacjonarne – 6 mln
  • adresy e-mail – 2 mln
  • forma własności
  • wielkość zatrudnienia
  • obroty firmy
  • osoby decyzyjne, członkowie zarządu
  • dyrektorzy sprzedaży, marketingu
  • księgowi, HR, bhp
  • flota samochodowa
  • liczba komputerów
  • ban obsługujący
  • preferencje zakupowe


We offer a wide selection of consumer and business databases. Marketing campaigns are usually targeted at private individuals. Consumer databases accessible at Directan will easily help you reach the precisely targeted consumer group. Business databases are indispensable in running marketing activities targeted at the self-employed, medium and big companies and their management. An up-to-date and verified business database presents an opportunity to reach new consumers and develop the company.


We have operated on international markets from the very beginning.

We work with a large number of brokers handling international-database rental and we conduct telemarketing campaigns in the countries concerned.

We offer rental of European, US, South American, Asian and Australian databases to ensure clients’ access to consumers by telephone, e-mail, home address and the Internet.

All consumer phone and address databases have been registred in Generalny Inspektorat Ochrony Danych Osobowych (GIODO Office) and acquired in a legal manner. We also provide consumers’ permissions to run marketing communication.

Further information is available by telephone or by completing the request form in the Contact section.


A client from the automotive sector who was offering a well-known make of passenger car began cooperating with us in the search on the market for a suitable list of people potentially interested in receiving an offer and arranging to test drive a model from the family-car segment.


We agreed with the client that we would search among people in work, or in the liberal professions, with an income above the national average, with a family and children, and living in or near large towns where it would be possible to set up test drives with local dealers of the make concerned.


The client’s primary goals were:

  • To increase sales of the cars
  • To build a list of potential customers
  • To present the offer to a large number of people within the target segment
  • To establish relationships with potentially-interested customers

Based on criteria established with the client we compiled a list of several thousand entries. The list was compiled from data originating from several providers to ensure that the greatest number of entries were consistent with the target group and that the information was up to date. Given that the list was so extensive, we offered the client full database support and a wide-angled, multi-faceted approach to the campaign. We designed and conducted a telemarketing campaign working from the list that had been acquired and we scheduled provisional times and dates with prospective clients for test drives of the make of car being offered.

We sent invitations we had designed and informational material from the client to the e-mail addresses we acquired during the conversations. We also conducted a traditional, old-school postal mail-out (gathering data for the list, packaging of advertising materials and cover letters, addressing and posting the items).

We supplied the client with up-to-the-minute information on the scheduled test drives and gave two days’ notice to the showrooms that people who had expressed an interest in the particular model would be visiting them for test drives.


The client benefitted in the following ways from the bespoke list and the suggested initiatives:

  • The sale of fifteen to twenty cars bought by customers from the list
  • Establishing relationships with several hundred people who took test drives
  • A list with the contact details of prospective customers
  • Increased interest in the company’s offer